Highest Debt Recovery Rate We have found that a straightforward, professional approach to debt collection produces far better debt recovery results than the traditional strong-arm  tactics. The unique approach and strategy used by our debt collection negotiators produces quicker payment from your debtors. If your debtor is still in  business, we feel you have a 90% chance of recovering your money. An account that may seem hopeless or destined for lengthy litigation may be resolved  amicably through persuasive communication and with a voice of reason. Anyone can threaten legal remedies, but it’s knowing how and when to use this  information that demonstrates our talent. Immediate Phone and Letter Contact When we receive your account we begin immediately to collect your money. We use a proven combination of letter and phone communications designed to  persuade your debtor to honor their obligation. Our communications are always in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We begin our  collection efforts immediately and make sure to be in-touch with your debtor within 24 hours of receiving the account.  Asset Search-Property and Bank Investigations For those difficult-to-find debtors we have established relationships with private investigators who will find your debtors and their assets for a reasonable  fee.  Immediate Feedback On The Debt Recovery Process We make sure our debt collectors have ample time in their scheduling to allow them the opportunity to go the extra mile and provide you with the personal  touch needed to make our relationship work. We believe in getting feedback to you as quickly as possible. Instead of mailing you a form letter that  generalizes a dispute your debtor may have with you, we call, fax and/or E-mail right away to detail the situation for you and receive your instructions. This  immediate feedback is not only informative, but it is essential to collecting your debt. We have learned the importance of quick and decisive action. The  quicker we respond, the better our chances of recovery. 


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